Get easy access to returns averaging 9-10%.

With Lending2b, you won't have to do it the traditional way.

Easily access high-quality real estate deals.

High Returns

Lending2b’s high-yield real estate assets have returns that range from 9% to 10%. We have a lot of loans requests for you to invest in, so you start earning interest in the first 2-3 weeks after you send your money.

Backed by Real Assets

We source creditworthy real estate professionals looking for short-term mortgages of 12 months or less to be used for purchasing and rehabilitating homes. These mortgages are backed by the underlying value of the properties that they fund.

Institutional Quality

You can access the same mortgage platform trusted by some of the largest credit funds in the world. Our credit guidelines have been fully vetted by our institutional investors, and we do an in-depth analysis of each mortgage.

Build a Diversified Portfolio With the Click of a Button

Our online platform makes it easy to build a diverse real estate portfolio. The AutoInvest Fund can do the work for you, spreading out your investment across a variety of fractional loans. Or, customize your portfolio by selecting individual loans on your own.

Easy Access

Individuals can access Lending2b’s opportunities with as little as $10,000 for AutoInvest accounts. Once you’ve built a portfolio, you’ll get on-demand updates on its performance.

"Unlike other FinTech platforms that offer investments backed by unsecured loans, Lending2b provides an opportunity to participate in the market for senior secured, collateralized mortgage loans backed by real assets."

Marc K

Founder and managing partner
Capital Management LLC

8% – 10%

range of returns

$170 Millions

in loans funded to date


minimum to join

How It Works

With Lending2b, you won't have to do it the traditional way.

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